Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Jewelries!

Hey y'all, I got some new stuff in the shop (finally!). It's been awhile, but I finally got a new camera! I'm dependent on natural light for my photos, and I have found that the fall light has made my picture shooting more difficult! I never thought anything about how the sun's position changes during the year, but it is an adjustment from the light of the summer.
Anyway! Here they are!
Starting with my favorites :)

Is it bad I'm already excited about Christmas?
And something for those of you still in the fall state of mind

Two more Queen Anne's lace necklaces. This is one of my favorite flowers to put in resin!

A Pinteresting and Wordless Wednesday...


Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I need to read more.
I feel like I always say this to myself. The thing is I'm also really picky about books...I need suggestions!

The last really great series of books I read was the Hunger Games.

I started Jane Eyre over the summer but haven't gotten into it at all.
What are your favorite books?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Knit List

I'm ready to get serious about my fall knitting projects.
So, last year I made my first real sweater, this (unbelievably, gorgeous) pattern: Miette by Andi at Untangling Knots.

And here she is wearing hers (SO pretty)

Well...I completed mine, but it was a tad too small, and generally not perfectly perfect, so what did I do? Thats right, rip the whole thing out.
Here's an awkward and dark photo of the completed sweater, that was later destroyed.
So! I've started again and have made some progress. This time it will be the right size!

I'm also starting to think about Christmasy gifts. In the past I have made my close friends and family scarves and hats. With etsy, and the craziest school schedule, I don't really have time for big gifts, but I still want to do a little something crafty for the people I love, so I'm still brainstorming that...

I did decide to make Ryan a hat as one of his gifts for Christmas. I've been telling him I would for a while. He wants it for snowboarding, black with gray stripes. Here's the pattern I'm thinking, Turn a Square by Jared Flood (you might have to be logged into a Ravelry account for the link to work)

So happy its getting colder and I can knit again! :) 

What a Pinteresting Day

Today it is extremely rainy out. I happen to love the rain, so I'm quiet content. It just makes me feel cozy. The only weather better than rain in my book is snow, and I think they are calling for some of that tonight!

Today is Wednesday, the day to share cute things on Pinterest!

Like some others have done, I'm going to pick from my various boards!


I always make fun of Ryan for being a computer nerd, but honestly I'm the hugest Harry Potter nerd. I NEED to make these pillows.
Style Inspiration
 This outfit is adorable.
More gorgeous bold necklaces!

These colors are nice, and its such a simple and cute idea

For the Home

 Outdoor Spaces
 Morning glories are my favorite flower. I love that they open early in the day and close. It fascinated me as a kid that flowers could move too!

Awesome lighting idea for, ya' know, all those events and elegant parties I throw...


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Craft Fair!

Today my mom and I woke up and arrived at the craft show spot around 8am. I had such an amazing day!
I was selling my jewelry and my mom was selling note cards of my Dad's photography.
It was a great first experience. I even sold some things (mostly to family and friends who stopped by, but that totally counts :P). I got a lot of wonderful compliments from other crafters which made me feel really good too!
The sun was at our back when I was taking these pictures so they aren't great...Those triangle display were made of wood at my parents work, and I basically just wrapped them in white paper and put tacks in the back to hold the chain, then draped the necklaces over the front.
 Here is another triangle display, my business cards, and an aqua water jug I used to display a necklace.
 A close up of my awesome business cards, they look blue here but they are really a lavender/periwinkle color.
You can sort of see one of my earring displays, a frame with a screen as the background. And we had a bowl candy of course.

 I used a big glass bowl for some of my earrings.
This one lady came by twice to try and buy the jug itself, ha.

Here's the whole set up (with my aunt and dad in the background). You can see my little dress form up on the table too! She was wearing a necklace, and I meant to make a little sign around her waist saying "1andtwenty" but it got late last night, and I was sleepy.
And here are some of my parents beautiful note cards!
I'm including this picture because I look so angelic! haha I feel like I was smiling all day. There is nothing better than getting to show off what you love to do :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

I planned on having a relaxing Sunday of nothingness, but that has not happened yet! I realized I had tonnssss of homework to get done, along with a lot of jewelry making and preparing for the craft show next weekend! On top of it all, I can't seem to find my camera, which is making me nervous.

On the plus side there is a Real Housewives of New Jersey marathon on to accompany me,
AND a wonderful giveaway from Ashley at Everyday Ashley to check out! It is filled with tons of awesome fall goodies! :)

I know I haven't updated lately!
But when I find my camera I hope to share my craft fair experiences!