Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Knit List

I'm ready to get serious about my fall knitting projects.
So, last year I made my first real sweater, this (unbelievably, gorgeous) pattern: Miette by Andi at Untangling Knots.

And here she is wearing hers (SO pretty)

Well...I completed mine, but it was a tad too small, and generally not perfectly perfect, so what did I do? Thats right, rip the whole thing out.
Here's an awkward and dark photo of the completed sweater, that was later destroyed.
So! I've started again and have made some progress. This time it will be the right size!

I'm also starting to think about Christmasy gifts. In the past I have made my close friends and family scarves and hats. With etsy, and the craziest school schedule, I don't really have time for big gifts, but I still want to do a little something crafty for the people I love, so I'm still brainstorming that...

I did decide to make Ryan a hat as one of his gifts for Christmas. I've been telling him I would for a while. He wants it for snowboarding, black with gray stripes. Here's the pattern I'm thinking, Turn a Square by Jared Flood (you might have to be logged into a Ravelry account for the link to work)

So happy its getting colder and I can knit again! :) 

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