Saturday, October 15, 2011

Craft Fair!

Today my mom and I woke up and arrived at the craft show spot around 8am. I had such an amazing day!
I was selling my jewelry and my mom was selling note cards of my Dad's photography.
It was a great first experience. I even sold some things (mostly to family and friends who stopped by, but that totally counts :P). I got a lot of wonderful compliments from other crafters which made me feel really good too!
The sun was at our back when I was taking these pictures so they aren't great...Those triangle display were made of wood at my parents work, and I basically just wrapped them in white paper and put tacks in the back to hold the chain, then draped the necklaces over the front.
 Here is another triangle display, my business cards, and an aqua water jug I used to display a necklace.
 A close up of my awesome business cards, they look blue here but they are really a lavender/periwinkle color.
You can sort of see one of my earring displays, a frame with a screen as the background. And we had a bowl candy of course.

 I used a big glass bowl for some of my earrings.
This one lady came by twice to try and buy the jug itself, ha.

Here's the whole set up (with my aunt and dad in the background). You can see my little dress form up on the table too! She was wearing a necklace, and I meant to make a little sign around her waist saying "1andtwenty" but it got late last night, and I was sleepy.
And here are some of my parents beautiful note cards!
I'm including this picture because I look so angelic! haha I feel like I was smiling all day. There is nothing better than getting to show off what you love to do :)

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  1. Brooke, this is awesome! I wish my mom and I could have come (if I had been home!) It looks like you had a wonderful time showing off your beautiful jewelry and spending time with your family! Your display table/area/ looks fabulous! I love the picture frame to display earrings! I'm glad your first craft show was successful!!